Stunning Design and Powerful Functionality

WordPress is the world’s largest open-source CMS, supported by a massive online community responsible for more than 75 million websites. An endless selection of stunning DIVI child-themes saves hundreds of hours in design and development time, upon which you can build your personalised web solution.

Powerful Cutting-Edge Functionality
A growing library of pre-tested plugins and third-party integrations ensure the latest technology and full power of the internet is at your fingertips. Testing ensures plugins and apps are compatible with the latest software updated and fully-responsive on popular browsers and mobile devices.
Mobile Friendly
Every site design by ScoopWEB is fully responsible and mobile friendly, allowing for design elements to be modified for different devices, and includes one-touch phone, email and social media links to appear on the bottom of the screen for specific device types.
Unlimited Design Options and 3rd Party Access
If you have a preferred web designer or developer, they can have full access to your ScoopWEB website. CSS makes it possible to modify themes beyond the parameters set by the original design. However, due their bespoke nature, these fixes do not fall under the standard ‘hosting’ guidelines and assurances.
Easy-To-Use Editing Tools
Simple front-end ‘click & drag’ editing tools make it possible for non-technical users to easily manage content, modify design and create new pages. This is supported with comprehensive training, detailed manuals and online tutorials, putting the power of the internet in your hands.
Training and Practical Processes for Effective Operations
Detailed manuals, online tutorials and personalised training provide your team with the tools you need to update content, build new pages and modify design. If your web manager leaves, we will train the next one. If you want us to help, a pre-paid support package ensures we are there when you need us.
Hosting, Maintenance, Performance Management
ScoopWEB charges a monthly fee for Hosting, Maintenance and Performance-management. This includes everything required for us to keep your website operating at peak-performance. When software updates, we update it. If your website breaks, we fix it. When new technology comes along, we integrate it. No nasty surprises. No time required. No unexpected invoices. Total peace of mind! Read more…
Pre-Paid Design, Development, Consulting Services
Pre-paid support packages are for clients requiring additional on-going services including consulting, design, development and assistance with content. Support packages provide your web manager and team with someone to call while still training and learning more complex tasks, so daily tasks are not held up. Read more…
DIY versus ScoopWEB versus Ground-Up Design
There is always plenty of online conversation about the pros and cons of different web development CMS and the best approach to web development. It is a matter of opinion and very much depends on the needs of the client. In reality, many design firms and agencies recommendations are based on the technology they are most familiar with, rather than what is best for the clients. Based on our research and experience, this is our view of what’s available and why we chose the combination of tools best suited for ScoopWEB and our clients.

Content Management, Social Media and Marketing Integration.

Your website should be a powerful platform with simple processes with which you can easily manage content and seamlessly integrate social media, newsletter and other marketing campaigns.

Rich Content for Marketing Campaigns
The Scoop Guides, social media and blog posts provide rich content for your website and to power social media and newsletter marketing campaigns.
Curating Content with Blog Posts
WordPress is the world leader in blogging. Sophisticated content-management tools with different permission levels allows for easy content curation and management of internal and external contributors. Content is automatically allocated based on set criteria and easily re-posted to social media platforms, increasing content, traffic and SEO ranking.
Free Content Provided with ScoopGUIDES
The seamless integration of up to 33 guides and 6,000 full page profiles, provides advanced search functionality and rich content filtered by town/region, guide-type and even individual listings. Read more…
Fully Integrated Social Media Content
The clever integration of social media and newsletter content allows you easily generate and leverage content across multiple platforms.

Enhanced Functionality Through Apps and Integrations

Popular e-commerce, newsletter and other 3rd party apps, some of which have been identified below, have been pre-integrated into the ScoopWEB platform, This makes implementation on to your website quick and easy. Implementation of alternative programs will be considered.

More than 33 guides and 6,000 full page profiles can be seamlessly integrated on to your website using iFrames, WordPress widget and web services. Content can be filtered by town/region, guide-type and the exclusion of individual listings. Read more…
The world’s most popular mailing system can be fully integrated with standard features such as signup and archived newslettersOur commitment is that in the event of problems, we will fix it as quickly as possible, as best possible, all at no additional cost. No nasty surprises, no unexpected invoices. However, we will not be held responsible for any impact of poor performance. See detailed terms & conditions. An outline of risks and services are outline below.
The world’s most popular WordPress e-commerce plugin.


Australia’s most popular booking engine for restaurants.
Australia’s most popular booking engine for visitor centres.
Popular booking and channel management system for hotels.

A Powerful Platform for SEO and SEM

Every ScoopWEB website includes the integration of powerful SEO tools upon which SEO and SEM campaigns can be built.

Google Analytics on your Custom Dashboard

Real time Google analytics are available on your dashboard, such as the number of visitors to your site, how long they stay on your site, the most popular pages, some limited demographics of who is visiting etc. Your dashboard also provides quick-links to training manuals, online tutorials, SEO updates, editing tools and social media.

Site Map with Google

Best-practice guidelines are followed before making your site live, including the submission of a site map to Google.

Yoast - WordPress Most Powerful SEO App

YOAST is integrated into all ScoopWEB websites providing: a breakdown of your SEO performance on every page; lists of recommended key words; other key tools for improving your Google ranking.

Payment Gateways and Accounting Integrations

The power, efficiencies and cost-savings of the web will often necessitate the setup, integration and management of online payment gateways and accounting packages. It takes a lot of work behind the scenes to create a highly-automated and simplified process for your team, but the savings are significant. We believe in these systems to the extent that we use them for our own business processes.


The business trend is away from labour-heavy, non-integrated desk top systems to online accounting packages. Xero is one of the most popular and provides multiple benefits in terms of automated processing. Transition from MYOB and other packages is relatively simple and can be largely automated, depending upon your version of MYOB and the state of your accounts.

Payment Gateway Integrations

Payment gateways can be set up in a matter of days with the most cost-effective and internationally renowned systems being provided by non-bank lenders. The integration of systems such as uCollect and Stripe allow for credit cards and bank direct debits to be automated, including the allocation of payments to the appropriate debtor and creditor invoices.

Bookkeeping Services

Once the appropriate software and processes are in place, the out-sourcing of bookkeeping to an online bookkeeping business can result in significant cost-savings. However, not all businesses or their bookkeeping firms are updated with and/or set up to assist with online booking systems. Referrals can be made upon request.

Optional Features

There is an almost unlimited range of functionality available through ScoopWEB. Some of the more commonly requested features are outlined below.

Language Translation

Static pages, online guides and menus can be translated into one of 81 languages via Google Translator. This is an automated service and not perfect, but does supply an extra degree of service for non-English speakers. The Scoop Guide menus are being systematically checked and modified by professional translators to ensure accurate definitions are conveyed at all times.

Password Protected Pages

You can elect to password protect pages on your website so that website visitors must enter the correct password before the page/content will be displayed.

Online Forms

We can utilise the class-leading Gravity Forms plugin to create a myriad of advanced forms for your website, including for signup and submission. Form entries are recorded in the WordPress database for later review and action, and advanced confirmation and notifications can be configured.


Zapier – Easy automation for busy people. Zapier moves info between your web apps automatically, so you can focus on your most important work.

With Zapier we can connect your website with a myriad of online services.