Your website sits on top of a solid technology and support infrastructure. SCOOPWEB incorporates the very latest technology and trends to provide a total web solution: a stunning website, powerful functionality, easy updating, simple training, full support and the comfort that if something breaks, we will fix it. The result is a stable, high-performance, open-source infrastructure upon which clients, web designers, developers, SEO, marketing and media consultants can do their thing. A totally secure and robust solution that moves with the times! No strings attached! No limitations! Total peace of mind!


SCOOPWEB provides full support services including consulting, training, custom design and development, plus access to a network of content, design, development and digital marketing professionals. We continue to review and integrate the latest technology and update you with new opportunities via our newsletter.



To enhance functionality and design, SCOOPWEB uses select highly rated plugins. These are seamlessly integrated into your standard editing tools.


SCOOPWEB has tested and pre-integrated a range of 3rd party widgets and apps (newsletter, e-commerce, social media) to enhance the power of your site.


SCOOPGUIDES provide rich content for destination promotion, membership and stakeholder management, social media and newsletter marketing campaigns.


Child Themes

CHILD THEMES save hundreds of hours of development time by providing you with stunning design templates to choose from. Design themes are created in-house and purchased and re-purposed for the relevant industry sectors. You still have virtually unlimited capacity for personalised design.

Divi Theme

SCOOPWEB uses a theme called Divi, which is built on top of WordPress. It includes powerful features such as the ‘click & drag’ and ‘front-end’ editing systems, to make site building easier for non-technical users.

WordPress Content Management System

SCOOPWEB uses an open-source CMS called WordPress. Open-source means it is ‘open’ to all users and developers, rather than a ‘closed system’ by a single organisation. WordPress powers more than 75 million websites and is supported by a massive community of web developers, constantly building new plugins, features and designs. It also means WordPress designers and content-managers are easy to find.


SCOOPWEB is hosted with a cloud- hosting service called WP Engine. They are regarded as one of the World’s best for hosting WordPress websites and include multiple redundancies and daily backups. The SCOOPGUIDES are hosted separately with Microsoft Azure, one of the two largest hosting services in the world. Scoop Digital manages and tests all security, software, plugins and updates to ensure there is no conflict or compatibility issues with Divi and other plugins.