Web Designers, Advertising Agencies, Marketing and Social Media Consultants.

In the past, media professionals and consultants (Marketing/PR/Communications/Social Media) have had to allocate web and content management to web developers, putting themselves at the mercy of 3rd party performance.

ScoopWEB provides the infrastructure, tools and training that allows non-technical media professionals and consultants to provide this service directly, to control not just strategy and content, but to also how that content is delivered.

Sophisticated CMS, social media and newsletter integration combines with cutting-edge Google analytics and SEO tools (YOAST), allows consultants to build powerful SEO, SEM, social media, newsletter and other digital marketing campaigns.

Providing a strong platform for growth

ScoopWEB takes care of all the overheads involved with supplying and maintaining a premium service, ensuring the tools, technology and strategies made available to you and your client are always on the cutting edge.

Taking responsibility for maintaining peak performance

For a monthly fee, ScoopWEB provides a comprehensive Hosting, Maintenance & Support service that makes us responsible for maintaining security and peak performance at all times. If it is broken, we fix it. There are no nasty surprises for your clients, unexpected invoices or awkward client-explanations required.

Dealing with one provider

ScoopWEB supplies all the necessary design, development, hosting, maintenance and domain-management services required for premium performance. That means you only have to deal with one company to ensure a powerful, cost-effective web solution.

Managing multiple clients

ScoopWEB allows you to manage multiple clients in a single web environment. Once you login, you can see all your clients’ websites and manage them accordingly.

New tools and functionality

A monthly email will update you on new design tools, functionality and integrations you can make available to your clients. This allows you constantly impress your client with new and innovative web strategies.

Training / Support

Initial training and manuals will provide you with all the skills you need. If you get stuck or need advice, support is always available for you and your client. Once you learn the systems, you can apply these same skills to multiple clients.