The Risk


Creating a stunning and powerful website is just the beginning. What works today, what is secure today, what is current today, changes tomorrow. A website which is not properly maintained runs the risk of being hacked, developing bugs, losing valuable SEO, looking outdated, becoming incompatible with other software systems and eventually breaking down.


More than 30,000 websites are hacked every day, creating a nightmare for their owners. You risk inconveniencing and destroying trust with your customers and forcing your removal from Google Indexing, destroying your hard-earned search ranking. Cheap hosting, out of date software and missed security updates are the primary risk factors.


Security patches and software updates for themes, plugins and apps often cause compatibility issues and site breakdowns, all which need to be carefully tested and resolved. Google and browser updates can also cause sites that were once working perfectly to break overnight.


Web platforms, software languages and applications that are popular and well supported today can quickly become ‘old technology’, leaving your website vulnerable to significant performance, security, future-development and support challenges.


There is nothing more off-putting on a website than outdated content. Automated and process-driven content systems are critical to your content management strategy. The Scoop Guide licensed content includes more than 30 guides and 6,000 full page listings, all of which needs to be maintained, updated and quality controlled.